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The second-biggest school district in the US was hit with ransomware

Los Angeles Unified, the second-largest US school district, allegedly suffered from a ransomware attack that occurred over the weekend. The school district announced the attack on Tuesday as it resumed operations as normal. The attack caused significant disruption to the school district’s IT infrastructure. LA Unified also confirmed that employee healthcare and payroll services were not affected by the attack. In addition, the school’s safety and emergency mechanisms were untouched by the ransomware attack.

The school reported that it immediately reached out to the White House, Department of Education, Department of Homeland Security, and FBI to receive guidance as to what to do in the event of the attack. Ransomware attacks against schools and universities have been rising, especially as they resume classes for the 2022-2023 school year. The attack on LA Unified school district impacts more than 640,000 students in kindergarden through 12th grade.

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