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BlackCat Ransomware Linked to Italy’s Energy Services Firm Hack

Hacking group BlackCat has been linked to recent attacks on Italy’s energy services firm GSE. According to Reuters, the notorious hacking group was behind the attack and threatened to publish if their ransom demands were not met. GSE is a state-owned energy services firm that operates critical infrastructure, making it an attractive target. According to Reuters, the group claims to have stolen information on projects, contracts, and accounting from the firm. The total amount of data the group allegedly stole is 700GB. In addition, the group uploaded some images of documents it claims to have stolen in the attack to dark web forums.

The announcement comes just weeks after another organization in Italy’s critical infrastructure industry was breached, an oil company called Eni. In this instance, the company’s networks were breached but no specific group claimed responsibility. The Black Cat group is known to target critical infrastructure in the past.

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