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Germany rejects new negotiations over Namibia genocide

Six years ago, Germany and Namibia entered into negotiations about a formal apology for the colonial-era killings of tens of thousands of the Herero and Nama people. There was a draft agreement in may of 2021, however, neither governments have signed it. The document drew loud criticism from both politicians and the descendants of the victims and they demanded new talks. 

The German government hadn’t addressed these demands, however, they have now officially rejected them. The German government released a statement stating that the negotiations between the two countries have been finalized, even if implementation discussions were still ongoing. A number of Herero and Nama representatives feel that germany is only ready to accept political responsibility for the genocide, but not legal responsibility. Despite the controversy surrounding the draft agreement, Germany is already taking steps toward implementation. They are beginning with development projects, the first of which is the starting of a foundation that should keep the memory of the genocide alive. The projects also cover areas such as land reform, agriculture, water, energy, and vocational training, specifically for the descendants of the victims.

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