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UK Imposes Tough New Cybersecurity Rules for Telecom Providers

The UK’s telecommunications industry is set to introduce new security framework in October. The shift will make the UK’s telecoms security regulations some of the strongest and most thorough in the world. The UK government published a public consultation response earlier this week outlining some of the changes that have been made to the regulations and code of practice. Although they are not yet integrated into the actual framework and remain drafted, the UK plans to implement the updates in October. The consultation is in regards to the adoption of the Telecommunications Security Act, which was developed alongside the National Cyber Security Centre in November 2021.

The October framework, however, will impose unprecedented security regulations designed to protect UK telecom networks against cyberattacks that are targeting the industry. The regulations span several different areas of concern, such as data, software and equipment protection, risk assessment, and anomaly detection. Telecom providers will also have to fulfill additional legal duties such as identifying and assessing risks to edge equipment, keeping control of who can make network-wide changes, protecting against specific malicious signaling, and understanding risks facing their networks.

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