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Fighting resumes in Ethiopia despite truce – Tigray forces

Fighting has begun between forces from Ethiopia’s northern region of Tigray and central government forces near the town of Kobo. This ends a months-long ceasefire between the two groups. In the past two days there have been large movements of militias and special forces into the area. 

The ceasefire had been in place since March after the fighting between Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s military forces and the Tigray People’s Liberation Front’s forces displaced millions of people. This re-ignition of fighting will stall the attempts to begin peace talks between the two groups. Tigray had said they would join the talks if services to civilians were restored first. The federal military had cut banking and telephone services in June and restricted fuel imports, causing limited access to aid. The fighting in the Tigray region has pushed parts of Ethiopia into famine, killed thousands of civilians and displaced millions.

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