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Healthcare Provider Issues Warning After Tracking Pixels Leak Patient Data

Novant Health, a US healthcare provider, has notified patients that their personal information may have been leaked via a tracking tool that has been linked to Facebook. The company announced the data breach in a blog post published last Friday. The organization also apologized for the concern caused to its patients. It is unclear how many patients were affected by the data breach, however, Novant has delivered 1.3 million notification letters. The data exposed could include demographic information, email address, phone number, computer IP address, contact information, and more.

Any content typed into free text boxes on Novant’s site as well as appointment type and date could have also been exposed in the pixel-leading breach. Financial information and Social Security numbers were not impacted, according to Novant. The leak took place following the incorrect configuration of an online tracking tool produced by Meta. The campaign responsible for the data leak involved Facebook advertisements and the tracking pixel placed on the Novant health website to understand whether Facebook advertisements were driving traffic.

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