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German diplomat arrested in Brazil for alleged murder of husband

German Consul Uwe Herbert Hahn is currently being held in custody under orders from a Brazilian Judge due to claims that Hahn murdered his husband in Rio de Janeiro. The orders deny defense claims of diplomatic immunity. Rio police took Hahn into custody on Saturday after Walter Henri Maximilien Biot, Hahn’s husband, was found dead in an apartment in the Ipanema neighborhood. Video footage shows Brazilian police escorting Hahn outside of a station on Sunday.

Brazilian Judge Rafael de Almeida Rezende, who ordered the arrest, cited his reasoning as alleged attempts on the behalf of Hahn to tamper with evidence. Therefore, Judge Rezende believed that Hahn could alter the investigation and should be held in custody for the duration of the intelligence collection process. The apartment was reportedly cleaned before the forensics team was able to conduct an examination, adding to Rezende’s decision. The judge’s order describes the apartment crime scene and states that Biot had several lesions originating from blunt-force trauma. It is unclear what will happen to Hahn as the investigation continues to develop.

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