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Cybercrime a Key Revenue Stream For North Korea’s Weapons Program

Reports have emerged that North Korea stole hundreds of millions of dollars in crypto assets during at least one major cyberattack. The United Nations confirmed the attack via a confidential report released to at least one news outlet on Thursday. The document suggests that the US previously accused North Korea of carrying out cyberattacks in order to fund specifically its nuclear and missile programs. North Korea has been banned by the UN Security Council from conducting nuclear tests and ballistic missile launches for years, however, it continues to do so. There were preparations for a nuclear test during the first half of 2022, according to the UN.

The latest report from the UN regarding the cyberattacks and nuclear tests means that US organizations and Western businesses should be alarmed. As North Korea continues to want to grow its nuclear capabilities, if they are using cyberattacks to fund it these organizations may see an uptick in malicious activity originating from North Korea.

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