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Somalia’s cabinet appointment fuels debate

Somalia has appointed a former al-Shabaab leader to the cabinet and has been fueling international debate. Some criticize Hamza Abdi Barre’s administration for the appointment of Mukhtar Robow, however, others view this as a step forward towards reconciliation and a strategic way to battle against the group. 

The former spokesperson and deputy leader of al-Shabaab has been hiding for years before surrendering to the government in August 2017. He had left al-Shabaab in 2013. After negotiations with the state, Robow was removed from the US terror list and publicly denounced al-Shabaab. He has been on house arrest for the past three years and his rise to high-ranking minister was not expected despite the steps forward he has made in recent years. It is expected that Robow will be able to provide insight into fighting al-Shabaab due to his previous involvement.

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