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NSF Invests $25.4M into Cybersecurity and Privacy Research Projects

The National Science Foundation (NSF) announced on Monday that it plans to invest $25.4 million to support research and projects related to cybersecurity and privacy. The investment is part of the Secure Trustworthy Cyberspace program, which aims to improve cybersecurity and privacy practices to best serve the economy and citizens. The awardees will be organizations that aim to strengthen open-source supply chain security and increase computing privacy for marginalized populations. In addition, the awardees will focus on ensuring trustworthy cloud computing. This will also contribute to the Broadening Participation in Computing initiative.

The funding will support several projects, including one led by North Carolina State University that investigates open-source supply chain security. The NSF has already supported the project, titled Enabling a Secure and Trustworthy Software Supply Chain, with roughly $850,000 to date and will continue to support the efforts. In addition, another awardee will be a project run by the University of Florida titles Securing the Future of Computing for Marginalized and Vulnerable Populations. This project focuses on privacy and security issues for marginalized groups.

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