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Ransomware Attack Hits French Telecoms Firm

La Poste Mobile, a French telecommunications operator, has alerted its customers that their data may have been affected by a ransomware attack that occurred earlier this month and targeted the company’s administrative and management systems. The attack took the company’s systems offline as the organization worked to ensure that damage was minimized. A week later, the site remains offline and a banner is displayed warning customers of cyberattacks. The attack is believed to have been conducted by the LockBit ransomware group.

La Poste found that although customer information may have been spared in the attack, the personal information of employees may have been exposed. By taking the system offline, La Poste is able to monitor the cyberattack and determine how much damage was done and what information was accessed. La Poste boasts 2 million customers in France with reported revenues of over $500 million in 2021. Customers should be wary of phishing attempts that may leverage information accessed in the cyberattack and suspicious activity related to personal information.

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