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Tunisian ex-PM Jebali arrested on suspicion of money laundering

Former Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali of Tunisia has been arrested by Tunisian police on suspicion of money laundering. The phones of Jebali and his wife were seized and he was taken to an unknown location on Thursday. The arrest has raised opposition concerns over the human rights situation since President Kais Saied dissolved parliament last July. 

The interior ministry did not comment on Jebali’s Arrest. Jebali’s defense team has been able to meet with him in the detention center that he is being held in. Jebali claims the arrest has political motivations and has entered into a hunger strike. Jebali was the prime minister in 2012 and resigned after a political crisis in 2013. Earlier this year, Tunisian police arrested the vice president of Ennahdha and he was detained for two months before being released without any charges being brought up against him.

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