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Germany takes step closer to gas rationing

Germany has triggered the “alarm” stage of an emergency gas plan after a drop in supplies from Russia. The shortages in gas supplies have lead the country to move closer and closer to gas rationing. Germany’s economy minister Robert Habeck said Russia is using gas as a weapon to retaliate against EU sanctions. He referred to the cut in gas supplies from Russia as an economic attack. 

Germany is in the second stage of a three step plan which begins when there is a disruption or high demand for gas. The government will provide loans of €15bn to help fill gas storage facilities. Gas will also begin to be auctioned to industries to encourage big businesses to use less. Stage two puts more pressure on supplies to find other sources for gas. The third stage would be state intervention and would result in supplies being rationed. Supplies to industry would be reduced first with households and necessary institutions such as hospitals would receive the available gas. Twelve EU countries have been affected by the cut of supplies by Russia when the gas flow was cut to 40% of capacity in the Nord Stream 1 pipeline last week.

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