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More than 900 people killed after magnitude 5.9 earthquake hits eastern Afghanistan

Over 900 people were killed and hundreds were wounded in a 5.9 magnitude earthquake that hit eastern Afghanistan Wednesday. The earthquake hit at 1:24a.m. local time and the epicenter was about 46km southwest of the city of Khost. 

The quake only registered at a depth of 10 kilometers, which indicates a relatively localized impact. The death toll is over 900 and at least 600 people were injured. Most of the deaths were in the districts of Giyan, Nika, Barmal and Zirok in the Paktika province. 25 people were killed in the Khost province and five people were killed in the Nangarhar province. The timing of the quake, shallow depth of the quake, and the recent heavy rain in the area caused higher casualties. This natural disaster occured when almost half the population is experiencing hunger and is heavily reliant on aid. The Taliban seizing power in August 2021 also has caused the United States and its allies to freeze the country’s foreign reserves and international funding. WHO said its teams were on the ground for emergency response on Wednesday, along with the Taliban held an emergency meeting to organize providing transport to the injured and aid for the victims and their families.

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