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Microsoft Addresses Wi-Fi Hotspots Issues in Latest Update

Microsoft has addressed a known issue that is currently affecting Wi-Fi hotspot features in its systems. The vulnerability has been added to its official Health Dashboard page as of this week after the company discovered that Windows 10 and 11 machines are subject to the bug. It is likely that the bug was introduced through a Windows update the company released earlier this month. The bug means that some users operating Windows devices may be unable to use the Wi-Fi hotspot feature like before. The update was released on June 14 and addresses several security issues, but also inadvertently introduced one flaw.

Some of the patches introduced in the new update improves the servicing stack on Windows 11 machines, meaning that the component that installs updates has been improved. Microsoft ensures that users have a reliable servicing stack to effectively receive and install updates. As for the flaw, it occurs when users attempt to use a hotspot. Microsoft reported that the host device might lose internet connection even after receiving confirmation of the connection.

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