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DragonForce Gang Unleash Hacks Against Govt. of India

Hactivist group DragonForce Malaysia has unleashed a slew of cyberattacks against India due to comments made by the Prophet Mohammed by a political spokesperson. According to Radware, DragonForce Malaysia has started to indiscriminately scan, deface, and launch denial of service attacks against a plethora of websites hosted in India. In addition to the DDoS campaign, dubbed OpsPatuk, advanced threat actors are leveraging exploits in order to compromise Indian sites, breach networks, and release the data.

DragonForce Malaysia is known for hacktivism in support of the Palestinian cause. The redirection of attention to India was likely due entirely to the comments, which criticized the age of the Prophet Muhammed’s third wife. An advisory released by Radware confirmed that the operation is ongoing. The comments induced statements from leaders in the Muslim world and protests. In addition, the spokesperson who made the comment, Nupur Sharma, has been ousted from the BJP. The offensive against the Indian government was announced by the Malaysian hactivist group in a tweet that confirms the source of the outrage.

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