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UN rights chief Michelle Bachelet says will not seek second term

Michelle Bachelet is the United Nations human rights chief and has announced she will not seek a second term. Her current four-year term expires at the end of August and she will not continue in the position. Bachelet made a trip to China last month and was criticized for not doing more for the alleged abuses against Uighurs and other Muslim minorities in Xinjiang. 

The council’s fiftieth session was the last council she would brief as high commissioner. Bachelet’s trip to China was the first in 17 years by a UN rights chief, and UN Secretary General, Antionia Guterres reaffirmed his support for her after her trip. The West argued that the human rights situation in Xinjiang will be unable to be completely and independently assessed based on the conditions Chinese authorities imposed while Bachelet was on her visit. During the fiftieth council, Bachelet did not give a reason why she would not be staying on as Rights Chief.

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