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Turkish-backed Syrian forces expect military operation soon

Turkish-backed Syrian opposition forces are expecting a new Turkish military operation in Syria to start soon and has announced they are ready for battle. The Syrian National Army units (SNA) paraded through Azaz, a town in the northern Aleppo province to show preparedness for the operation. The operation has been threatened by Turkish President REcep Tayyip Erdogan in the past weeks against the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces(SDF). 

Thousands of armed fighters were driven through Azaz and some areas near the front lines of areas controlled by Turkey and the SDF and Tal Rifaat. Tal Rifaat is a target for the operation along with Manbij to the east. Turkey hopes to force SDF fighters out of areas on the Turkey-Syria border that Ankara wants to control as a 30kn safe zone where Syrian refugees could be relocated.

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