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Man Arrested for Sharing Info on 3D-Printed Weapons

European and US law enforcement teams have reportedly joined forces to arrest an individual based on suspicions of spreading hate speech and information about how to construct 3D weapons at home. The man, who has not been named, is reportedly a member of the far-right extremist movement known as Siege. Siege operates both via online channels and offline. The man is suspected of engaging in terrorist activities in addition to the hate speech and weapons instructions. The instructions include the domestic production of automatic firearms that combine 3D-printable parts and homemade metal parts.

The suspect was arrested following an investigation conducted by the Slovak National Crime Agency and the Slovak Military Intelligence service. Europol reportedly assisted with information exchange, operation analysis, and technical support while the FBI is also said to have contributed. The raids took place in May in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, during which authorities confiscated a highly sophisticated 3D printer and electronic devices.

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