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US and Euro Police Smash Cybercrime Marketplace

US and European authorities have joined forces to dismantle a prolific underground marketplace. Although the marketplace has been taken down, its administrators remain at large. The marketplace, SSNDOB, made more than $18 million from selling personally identifiable information including individuals’ names, dates of birth, addresses, credit card numbers, and Social Security Numbers. The US believes that most of the 24 million victims listed on the site are Americans. Earlier this week, multiple seizure orders were executed against multiple domains associated with the site, such as

The marketplace functioned similarly to other dark web forums, visitors could pay cryptocurrency to administrators in exchange for access to personally identifiable information belonging to victims. The customer would likely then use this information to conduct follow-up attacks such as extortion, identity fraud, or phishing. The admins on this forum in particular use online pseudonyms, servers in various countries, and other tactics to preserve anonymity.

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