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Beijing Cautiously Reopens After Covid-19 Wave

Beijing has taken tentative steps towards reopening the city on Monday as much of the region lifted restrictions on dining in restaurants. In addition, many workers were able to return to their offices after a month-long period of stringent measures dictating the city’s businesses and residents’ personal movements. However, smaller flare-ups of Covid-19 clusters around the country and new lockdowns in parts of Shanghai are threatening the security of China’s economy. In Beijing, the recent outbreaks were the worst the city observed since the early days of the pandemic. City officials stated that new daily infections have since dropped to roughly a dozen cases of fewer.

Beijing authorities have allowed businesses, restaurants, gyms, and other public spaces to reopen, signaling that the city believes it has managed to contain the outbreak. Many citizens reported that public transportation and roadways in Beijing became extremely crowded as the restrictions were lifted and people returned to work. For some, the latest lockdown was unprecedented in terms of the economic effects on businesses. One restaurant owner reported that the past month was the toughest period the restaurant has faced in its 12 years of business.

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