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10 Companies Chosen to Test Next-Generation Cybersecurity Technologies

Ten UK-based cybersecurity companies have been chosen by the government to participate in the latest phase of the Digital Security by Design program. Their participation will consist of experimenting with prototype cybersecurity technology created to strengthen the hardware underlying the computers. The technology was designed by Arm, a semiconductor and software design company in collaboration with researchers from the University of Cambridge. The software is referred to as CHERI, or Capability Hardware Enhanced RISC Instructions.

If CHERI is successfully incorporated into computer hardware, researchers estimate that the tech could prevent most security vulnerabilities from occurring. This would effectively help block roughly two-thirds of cyberattacks and data breaches. The software is at the center of the government initiative, and is an example of efficient collaboration between academia, industry, and government. The UK authority on advanced digital technology has will work with the ten selected companies over the next six months to test the software and evaluate its performance.

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