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Scammers Target NFT Discord Channel

A popular Discord bot has been exploited by hackers deploying phishing and scamming attacks. The campaign attempts to persuade users to click on malicious links. Discord is a public chat application that is designed for gamers, but it has gained the attention of crypto owners across the world. Attackers are seeking financial gain via compromising popular nonfungible token (NFT) projects. The founder of Origin protocol released several tweets earlier this month that address the issue. In addition, the founder discussed the integrity of Discord private channels. Perhaps the most shocking part of the tweets, the Origin founder stated that when he reported the issue, it was quickly dismissed by Discord.

PeckShield, a blockchain cybersecurity firm, also warned users about threat actors seeking to compromise Discord servers. One server in particular may have already been compromised, according to PeckShield, and is the Discord Server of Memeland, RTFKT, PROOF, and Cyberconnect. Cyberconnect and Memeland confirmed the hack via Twitter, urging users to avoid clicking on any links sent to them on Discord. In addition, the companies clarified that they will never ask users for their private keys. The leakage of information and this current campaign could have implications for lots of high-profile crypto projects using Discord.

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