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Nearly Three-Quarters of Firms Suffer Downtime from DNS Attacks

According to a new report released by security vendor efficientIP titled the 2022 Global DNS Threat Report, hybrid and cloud migration during the pandemic led to a surge in DNS-related attacks. In addition, application downtime and data theft are two major consequences of this type of attack. The report assesses interviews with over 1000 global organizations, each with more than 500 employees. The report found that 88% of the interviewed organizations suffered from DNS-related attacks over last year. The report states that this results in an average of seven per responding company.

The attacks include DNS tunnelling, phishing, malware, zero-day exploits, DDoS attacks, DNS hijacking, and cloud misconfiguration abuse, all categories in which an increase in the frequency of attacks was observed last year. The DNS method of attack is typically overlooked by IT teams because they deploy firewalls to dictate traffic, however, its ubiquity in modern IT environments make it an appealing method for a cyberattack.

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