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Anonymous Claims Attacks Against Belarus for Involvement in Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Spid3r, an organization affiliated with Anonymous, claims to have launched attacks against the government of Belarus in retaliation for the country’s perceived support of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and subsequent ongoing military conflict. The group announced its moves on Twitter, stating that it was targeting government websites associated with the Belarus state. In addition, the group published screenshots of different websites that appeared to be taken offline, including the Ministry of Communications, Ministry of Justice, and the Ministry of Economy. Other sites that appear to have been impacted by the alleged cyberattack include the National Legal Information Center, the Ministries of Internal Affairs and Education, the State Customs Committee, and the State Committee.

The hacking group has been clear about its dissatisfaction for the current geopolitical situation in Ukraine and Russia, pledging to wage Cyber War against Russia. In addition, the group claims to have hacked Russian state TV channels to broadcast live streams from the Ukrainian front lines in February, close to when the physical conflict began. Anonymous’s announcement was made on Sunday and the majority of the impacted sites seem to be back online. One reason for contempt regarding Belarus could be a phishing campaign launched by Belarus’ Ghostwriter Group in February that targeted European governments attempting to manage an influx of refugees fleeing the crisis in Ukraine. Belarus has also been criticized for providing medical support to Russian military forces during an attack on Kyiv and allowing the military to assemble at its border prior to the attack.

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