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Violence erupts around Jerusalem during controversial flag march

A controversial flag-waving procession was held in east Jerusalem on Sunday by thousands of Israelis who marched from Damascus Gate dancing and chanting. Damascus gate is the main entry to the Muslim Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City and the chanting included phrases such as “the nation of Israel lives” and “death to Arabs.” 

Israeli police blocked the streets around the march and removed Palestinian protestors from the route. 79 Palestinians were injured in Jerusalem by rubber bullets, sound grenades and pepper spray. 28 people were transported to the hospital after clashing with Israeli police or marchers. 163 Palestinians were also injured in the West Bank, 11 of these injuries were caused by live bullets. Over 50 people have been arrested for involvement in riots or assaulting police officers. The flag march occurs annually when mostly nationalist Jewish groups celebrate Israel gaining control of the Western Wall and capturing East Jerusalem.

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