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India’s SpiceJet Strands Planes After Being Hit By Ransomware Attack

SpiceJet, an India-based airline, was forced to delay numerous flights on Wednesday after being hit by a ransomware attack that occurred on Tuesday. The company released a post to Twitter confirming that its operations had been impacted by the cybersecurity incident. On Thursday, morning flight departures were still suffering from the effects of the cyberattack, although SpiceJet reported that the situation had been contained and rectified by its IT team. Some users took to social media to complain about the flight delays, however, the consequences of the ransomware attack could have been far worse.

Cybersecurity researchers stated that if the systems had been fully breached, more severe implications could have occurred such as system wide outages, exposed data, and reputation damage. SpiceJet was involved in a previous cybersecurity incident in which the personal information over one million customers was exposed in 2020. Researchers also believe that companies should be able to respond to threats in real time to severely limit the consequences of these attacks.

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