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Ransomware Hits American Healthcare Company Omnicell

Omnicell, a multinational healthcare company, has recently confirmed that it suffered from a data breach following a reported ransomware incident. According to a statement released in the company’s quarterly 10-Q filing, Omnicell detected the ransomware attack and disclosed it on May 9. More details are expected to be released in the next few weeks as investigations are conducted into the scope and impact of the ransomware attack. The company stated that IT systems and third-party cloud devices were exposed to ransomware and other data security incidents in its quarterly report. In addition, the company admitted that its employees’ sensitive data may be vulnerable.

The company stated in the same report that data security incidents can lead to the loss of both intellectual property and trade secrets, as well as the public exposure of sensitive information belonging to customers, employees, and suppliers. It is unclear whether Omnicell is referring to the recent cybersecurity attack it suffered in the report. Omnicell has not posted an official breach notice to its website but this is expected to change as the investigation continues.

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