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Afghan resistance attack Taliban, sparking reprisals in Panjshir

The Taliban has been having clashes with resistance forces in Panjshir province, leading them to be accused of human rights abuses. Local residents in the area to the north of Kabul have witnessed elderly relatives being shot along with neighbors being beat until they fall unconscious by the Taliban. 

The resistance fighting in this area is localized and so far does not actively challenge the Taliban’s control, however, this is the most sustained, significant armed opposition against the Taliban since the group came to power. Panjshir was a strong anti-Taliban resistance area during the group’s first instance of power in the country during the 1990s. Panjshir fighters who belong to the National Resistance Front launched a guerrilla attack on Taliban forces in the area. Large amounts of Taliban reinforcements have been sent to the area in response. Details on casualties and the extent of the fighting in the clashes are difficult as the Taliban are downplaying the clashes and the NRF may be exaggerating.

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