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Oklahoma City Indian Clinic Data Breach Affects 40,000 Individuals

This week, the Oklahoma City Indian Clinic(OKCIC)  announced that it had suffered from a data breach that exposed personally identifiable information of roughly 40,000 individuals. The clinic identified a security incident that affected its computer system on May 12, according to a notice posted on the clinic’s website. The OKCIC also confirmed that they had enlisted the help of a third-party forensic firm to determine the full impact and scope of the security incident. An initial investigation confirmed that the unauthorized party that breached OKCIC’s systems was able to access sensitive customer information. This includes data such as treatment information, medial records, names, dates of birth, physician information, Tribal ID numbers, Social Security numbers, health insurance policy numbers, and more.

OKCIC has issued data breach notifications to its customers who were impacted by the security breach. Just a few months ago, another Oklahoma-based healthcare institution suffered from a security incident. In this instance, data belonging to 92,000 individuals was exposed. The various cyberattacks against US healthcare providers is illuminating the cyber risks facing this industry.

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