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New Google security features include virtual credit cards, account safety status

On Wednesday, Google’s annual developer conference began with several announcements, including a list of new products and services that Google will be releasing in the future. The products and services aim to improve users’ security and protect privacy. The company recapped the announcements in a blog post released after the event. Google is reportedly working on a new virtual card tool that would be accessible in Android devices and in the Chrome browser for Mac and PC. This feature is different than Apple Pay, and aims to improve security by allocating a virtual card number to each vendor when you purchase something online. This will protect credit card details in the event of a data breach.

With the new virtual card feature, the number given to the vendor can be replaced, rather than the physical card. Google’s virtual cards are expected to launch this summer, along with a new function that allows users to check their account safety and monitor the status of accounts. This will be coupled with more phishing alerts, and a new tool that allows users to flag data, such as address or phone number, that is found in public searches. Once flagged, Google will remove any potentially harmful information.

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