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British Man Charged With Hacking US Bank Computers, Stealing Millions

UK citizen Idris Dayo Mustapha, 32, faces criminal charges including unauthorized computer intrusion, securities fraud, wire fraud, and other crimes for hacking into US banks, resulting in $5 million in loses. The 10-count complaint was made public yesterday and revealed that Mustapha used phishing tactics and other means to obtain user credentials between January 2011 and March 2018. The complaint also stated that Mustapha gained access to US-based computers, including those belonging to financial institutions, to steal money from online bank accounts and securities brokerage accounts.

Mustapha was arrested last summer in the UK. The US is currently seeking his extradition to the Eastern District of New York, but it is unclear if this request will be successful. The US alleges that since the defendant was part of a nefarious group that targeted companies in the US, Mustapha should be extradited. He faces charges in the US that range from fraud to taking control of victims’ securities brokerage accounts.

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