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Government hackers made hundreds of thousands of stolen credit cards ‘worthless’ to crooks

The UK’s Ministry of Defence and the intelligence agency GCHQ recently launched a joint operation aimed at taking action against computer networks utilized by cybercriminals. The operation seeks to protect the public from cyberattacks and render hundreds of thousands of stolen credit cards worthless to the cybercriminals who stole them. The actions have been detailed by the organizations, along with the National Cyber Force. The organization was announced in 2020 and is now working alongside international partners to undermine the networks of cybercriminals. The goal is to deny the threat actors access to malware and other critical tools, effectively preventing malicious hackers from profiting off of cybercrime.

The operation’s potential success would mean that tens of millions of dollars in potential fraud can be avoided. In addition, potential victims will avoid data theft and keep their accounts safe. The joint operation is just one of many strategies being deployed by the UK government to stop cyberattacks on organizations, infrastructure, and individuals before they occur. The NCF is actively working to impose a cost on adversaries, interrupting networks and operations, and make cyberattacks more difficult to conduct.

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