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Healthcare and Education Sectors Most Susceptible to Cyber Incidents

According to the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office, the healthcare and education sectors are the industries most vulnerable to cyberattacks. The ICO used data from 2021 to come to the conclusions, and the findings were analyzed by CybSafe. Attacks against healthcare and education organizations made up a third of security incidents int he UK last year, making a 1% rise compared to 2020. In the education sector, attacks rose year-on-year. The retail and manufacturing sector also faced many attacks, experiencing 20% of cybersecurity incidents in 2021.

Ransomware continues to be a huge culprit in cybersecurity incidents, making up 27% of all attacks. The ICO data found that phishing continues to the be the most common attack vector, however. The pandemic also saw a steep rise in ransomware attacks, many of which were targeted at the healthcare and education industries. Throughout 2021, the sectors saw a sustained level of cyber threats that require additional security training practices.

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