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One of the Most Powerful DDoS Attacks Ever Hits a Crypto Platform

Cloudflare confirmed that a cryptocurrency platform was recently the victim of one of the biggest distributed denial of service attacks ever recorded after it was bombarded with over 15 million requests. DDoS attacks are often measured in multiple ways, such as by the volume of the data, the number of packets, or the number of requests sent per second. All of the methods attempt to consume the bandwidth available to the target. Cloudflare’s recent DDoS mitigation reportedly peaked at 15.3 million requests per second. The attack was powerful due to the fact that it was delivered through HTTPS requests rather than the HTTP requests used in the previous DDoS attack records.

HTTPS requests are much more compute-intensive, meaning that they cause more strain on the target. They also require greater resources, which indicates that the threat actors behind this DDoS attack and others are growing increasingly powerful. Cloudflare stated that the botnet responsible in this incident compromised of roughly 6,000 bots boasting payloads as high as 10 million requests per second. The attack originated from 112 different countries, with the highest amount of firepower coming from Indonesia, followed by Russia, Brazil, and India.

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