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Google Offers $1.5M Bug Bounty for Android 13 Beta

Google has expanded its bug-bounty program to include $1.5 million for a lucrative Android 13 Beta exploit that targets the Titan M security chip that is included with Pixel phones. Google has promised an outsize to focus on security and privacy, indicated by the bounty increase. In addition to the $1.5 million pledge, Google announced an added 50% bonus for all Android 13 Beta exploits. The announcement was made via Twitter and Google’s Android program page, which now reflects the offer. There is one catch, though. The vulnerabilities must be exclusive to Android 13 and not reproduce on any other version of the device.

The increased rewards are only in affects for reports filed before May 27, the tech giant explained. The $1.5 million bounty is much higher than any previous bounties offered for Android vulnerabilities. Last year, a $157,000 bounty was paid for a critical exploit chain in an unspecified component, marking the highest bounty rewarded by Google. Some professionals claim that the likelihood of seeing a payout that large is a long shot. The Titan M security chip vulnerability requires full chain remote code execution exploit with persistence.

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