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DJI temporarily suspends operations in Russia and Ukraine

Earlier this week, Chinese done maker DJI released an announcement stating that it was suspending its operations in Russia and Ukraine as it internally reassesses compliance requirements. DJI also reported that it would be working with its partners and customers regarding the suspension of business. The company stated that it deplored any harm caused by the use of its products, particularly in military pursuits. DJI releases products for consumers, and it confirmed that it is opposed to attempts that transform their drones with customizations for military use.

This is likely why the company has decided to halt services in these regions. It is unclear whether one military or another has been using DJI drones for military actions. The company stated that its distributors and business partners have committed to banning the sale of DJI products to customers who clearly plan to use them for military purposes. If this commitment is denied, DJI says that the business relationship will be terminated.

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