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FBI Warns US Farmers of Ransomware Surge

The FBI has warned that US food supply chains are at risk of ransomware attacks. The FBI released a Private Industry Notification this week that details how agricultural cooperatives may be seen as attractive targets to threat groups during the planting and harvesting seasons. Attacks could be financially motivated, or they could cause operational disruption and impact the food supply chain. The notice explained how compromises at facilities that process dairy or meat could lead to delays and result in spoiled products, harming the company financially and causing supply chain issues.

In 2021, there were six cyberattacks against grain cooperatives during the fall harvest and two attacks in early 2022 that could impact the planting season. Cyberattackers could see cooperatives as lucrative targets due to the time sensitivity or agricultural production. The notice listed several agricultural sector firms that have been the victims of ransomware since last year, however, they are not identified.

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