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Bob’s Red Mill Reports Data Breach

Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods, the company behind popular American whole-grain foods, has notified its customers that their personal data may have been exposed in a cyberattack that occurred earlier this year. Bob’s Red Mills released a data breach notice on April 15 after detecting malicious activity that began two months ago. The company stated that between February 23 and March 1, malicious software was used to scrape purchase related information that was entered onto the food producer’s website.

The data entered into Bob’s Red Mill Foods it typically sent directly to the company’s payment processor via secure protocols. However, the company confirmed that unidentified cyberattackers were able to deploy malicious software and divert the flow of information. An initial investigation into the incident originally found no evidence that information had been downloaded or exfiltrated from the website, however, a more in-depth attack confirmed otherwise. Bob’s Red Mills factories and locations continue to operate as normal.

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