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Pegasus Spyware Targeted UK Prime Minister, Say Researchers

Citizen Lab has revealed that the notorious spyware variant Pegasus was used to target the UK Prime Minister’s Office. The spyware was deployed over the last two years, according to the Canadian non-profit organization. Citizen Lab has been heavily involved in tracking the spread of the malicious tool and its usage. NSOGroup, an Israeli company behind the creation of the malware, is being sued by WhatsApp and Apple after customers of the pair were targeted. Pegasus was also leveraged to compromise the phones of nine different US State Department officials.

NSOGroup and fellow spyware producer Candiru have since been placed on a trade blacklist due to the widespread use of the malicious tools. Pegasus was reportedly used to target government officials, journalists, human rights activists, businesspeople, and embassy workers. Citizen Lab stated that it notified the UK government of the suspected breaches after detected instances of infection within official UK networks.

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