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Israel Airstrikes Hit Gaza After Rocket Fire

Early Tuesday morning, Israel conducted airstrikes in Gaza, a move that officials state is response to a rocket fired from Palestinian territory. The fighting raises fears of a wider conflict amid tensions that have been growing over the past several months. Earlier this week, there were several instances of conflict at a sensitive holy site in Jerusalem. Israeli military officials stated that the airstrikes targeted a Hamas weapons-manufacturing site located in Gaza. The rocket fired into Israeli territory was intercepted via Israel’s Dome aerial defense system. There are currently no reports of injuries on either side.

The fighting marks the first exchange of rocket fire between Hamas and Israel since January, indicating that tensions are rising between Palestine and Israel in Jerusalem and the West bank. Last year, conflict between the two entities in Jerusalem contributed to a deadly conflict that lasted 11 days. The rocket fire originating from Gaza has not been claimed, however, it comes after repeated threats made by Hamas to strike Israel due to the current tensions. Hamas is reportedly focusing on expanding its influence over the two highly contentious territories. The West Bank is currently governed by a rival Palestinian party, Fatah, which largely controls the Palestinian Authority.

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