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US Treasury links North Korean hacker group Lazarus to $600M Axie Infinity heist

The US Treasury Department has linked notorious hacking group Lazarus to a cyber breach last month that cost the Ronin network $600 million. According to the Treasury Department, the connection was clear when it updated its sanctions listing for the hacking group. It has since added a cryptocurrency address that was used to steal the funds from the Ronin network to the sanctions list. Ronin network is a blockchain network created by Sky Mavis, a Vietnamese game company. The Ronin network allows players to earn the game Axie Finity, and it is designed to get around Ethereum network congestion.

Sky Mavis stated that it was still in the process of upgrading its security measures before relaunching Ronin network again. The company stated that it expects to bring the network back online by the end of this month. The company thanked the US Treasury for supporting its investigation into the attack, which was revealed by Sky Mavis last month. During the attack, 173,600 in Ethereum was drained from the network, totaling $600 million at the time.

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