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EU Officials Targeted with Pegasus Spyware

Security researchers have released a report detailing how Senior European Union officials were targeted with the Pegasus spyware. The individuals listed include current European Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders and at least four of his staffers. Reuters published details pertaining to the case and stated that it was notified of the claims by documentation in its possession and claims filed by two EU officials. The EU Commission had reportedly become aware that its members and staff were being targeted by the malicious spyware after Apple contacted them in mass messages sent to victims of Pegasus attacks in November 2021.

After the warning, one senior tech staffer at the commission sent out a message that informed colleagues about spyware tool. He emphasized that it was critical to pay attention to additional warnings from Apple and remain diligent as a potential target. It is not clear who targeted Reynders and his colleagues and whether the attempts were successful. This report marks the latest in a series of damaging claims against Pegasus Spyware and the company that created it, NSO Group. The company has since been added to a US export backlist and is being sued by Apple and Facebook for the attacks.

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