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Macron targets Le Pen as run-off campaign begins

Emmanuel Macron is seeking re-election in France’s upcoming Presidential elections and has recently taken on Marine Le Pen in France’s presidential run-off. Marine Le Pen is one of France’s far-right candidates in this election cycle. Macron made his first visit to a Le Pen stronghold located at Denain, one of France’s most economically troubled towns located in the industrial north. Although Macron won the first round of the election, polls indicate that the second round will likely be a tight race. The second round is set to occur on the 24 of April, in just a few short weeks.

Both candidates also ran in 2017, and both polled higher in the first round than in that election. The president of Le Pen’s National Rally party, Jordan Benalla, stated that he was confident that his candidate would find support from the 70% of individuals who did not vote for Macron. Macron acknowledged he made a mistake in his lack of campaigning, until now, and chose to instead focus on Russia’s war in Ukraine due to his active roles as France’s current president.

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