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Google Play Bitten by Sharkbot Info-stealer ‘AV Solution’

Google has effectively removed six different malicious Android applications that mainly targeted users in the UK and Italy. The apps were downloaded roughly 15,000 times, according to researchers at Check Point. Researchers stated that the apps were infected with the information stealing Android malware Sharkbot, which was first detected in September of last year. The malware was able to evade anti-virus solutions and therefore lurked on the app store for several months.

The Check Point Research team detected what purported to be genuine AV solutions downloading and installing the malware. Sharkbot is able to steal credentials and banking information from Android devices, but it also boasts a range of malicious features. Researchers found that the applications were pretending to be antivirus tools for Android devices, with names such as Antivirus Super Cleaner, Center Security Antivirus, and Atom Clean Booster.

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