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No-Joke Borat RAT Propagates Ransomware, DDoS

Security researchers at Cyble Research Labs have discovered a new malware strain that extends the abilities of typical trojans, providing for a series of modules for launching various types of malicious activity. Cyble reports that the trojan, boasting advanced functionality, is bring used by attackers to spread ransomware and conduct distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. In addition, the trojan maintains the traditional RAT function of backdooring targets’ systems.

Researchers at Cyble dubbed the new RAT Borat, because it uses a photo of Sacha Baron Cohen. Cohen is the comedian and actor who created and portrayed Borat, a fictional character, in a popular series. Borat RAT however, is less comical. Its various malicious capabilities beyond the typical restrictions of other RATs is worrying for security researchers. The RAT could further expand malware capabilities and push the limits of the traditional role of RATs in cyberattacks. Borat RAT is a unique combination of ransomware, spyware, and remote-access trojan, making it a triple threat to any machine.

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