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Retailer The Works Closes Stores After Cyber-Attack

The Works, a leading UK high street retailer, suffered from a cyberattack that forced the company to close several stores and suspend some of its operations. The Works sells cut-price arts and crafts supplies. The Works stated that it disabled access to computer systems, including emails, as a precaution while an investigation into the cybersecurity incident is underway. Card transactions are not thought to be affected by the incident at this time due to the fact that they are processed by a third party. At this time, it is unclear what type of data was affected, whether it pertains to customer or employee data, and to what extent it was accessed by malicious actors.

Replenishment deliveries to the group’s stores were suspended temporarily and online orders’ delivery windows were extended to accomodate for the adjustments. There have not been any ransom demands reported, however, BBC claimed that ransomware was behind the attack. In all, five stores were reportedly closed due to the incident. Online deliveries are set to restart shortly, and The Works stated that it does not anticipate that the incident will impact its finances for the year.

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