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iOS 15.4.1 Update Now Warning Issued To All iPhone Users

Apple has issued a security update for iOS devices, along with a warning to update as soon as possible. The new update, iOS 15.4.1, comes with a security fix for a major issue that is already being leveraged by adversaries to attack iPhones. Although Apple did not provide much detail about what else is fixed in the new update as well as the security flaw itself, this is likely to prevent more attackers from exploiting the flaw successfully. Apple’s support page states that iOS 15.4.1 patches a vulnerability in Apple AVD that could be used to allow an application to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges.

Apple stated that has been made aware that the issue may have been actively exploited, meaning that adversaries are already using the flaw to attack iPhone users. The impact of the vulnerability fixed in the new update is serious, according to security researchers, as any flaw that allows attackers to execute commands with kernel privileges can result in the attacker obtaining full control of the device. The issue fixed in iOS 15.4.1 was reported by an anonymous researcher just two weeks after iOS 15.4.

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