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UN authorizes new AU mission in Somalia to dislodge armed groups

A new transitional mission in Somalia has been proposed by the African Union and endorsed by the United Nations Security Council unanimously. The African Union has been authorized to take action against al-Qaeda and other armed groups linked to ISIS as well as allowed a shifting in security responsibilities to Somalia’s government in a phased manner. 

This vote on Thursday marks the replacement of the 15 year long AU mission in Somalia that has been trying to build lasting peace and security. The new mission is the AU Transitional Mission in Somalia (ATMIS). The UN has recognized the changes in the security situation in the country since 2007 and improvements in the capabilities of Somalia’s government to respond to security challenges. The council did reaffirm that terrorist threats in the country must be combatted in any way possible. Somalia had been plagued for three decades with chaos and violence from ISIL-linked armed groups and al-Qaeda. A political crisis last year postponed parliamentary elections, which remain delayed, and delayed a vote for a new president. With the new agreement, the UN and AU reiterated the importance of completing elections to be able to transition the security responsibilities to the new government. In the ATMIS, up to 19,626 uniformed personnel were approved to be deployed by AU member nations until December 31st with the goal of zero personnel by the end of December 2024.

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