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Cyber-Attack on California Healthcare Organization

Partnership HealthPlan of California, a non-profit community-based healthcare organization based in Northern California, has allegedly suffered from a cyberattack that disrupted its computer systems. Partnership HealthPlan serves more than 600,000 patients in 14 different counties. The center reportedly notified a local community health center on March 21 when it detected that all of its computer systems were down. The organization’s website was replaced with a single page displaying a message acknowledging the security incident and listing contact information to receive additional member services.

The message confirms that the healthcare organization is working with law enforcement and third-party forensics to investigate the disruption and achieve full functionality once again. In addition, the organization is seeking to determine whether any data may have been accessed or stolen during the cyberattack. In a now-deleted dark web post, one ransomware group referred to as Hive claimed to have been responsible for the attack. The gang stated that it stole hundreds of thousands of medical records, including Social Security numbers, contact details, dates of birth, and more. However, this claim has not been verified and the post has since been taken down.

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